Writing Prompts



Your cat brings home a kill, but it is not completely dead.

Choose an old house, choose a year, and invent people who lived there at that time.

Choose your favorite restaurant/book/movie and give it a bad review.  (Don’t POST the review, just write one! 🙂 )

“It was bad enough that his wallet was stolen, but having ______ inside made it far worse.”

Your worst-nightmare passenger sits next to you on a plane.  This person is not loud, not significantly overweight, and not smelly.

Choose the closest object to you and, using full sentences, describe it in ten words.  Then see if people can guess what it is.

Choose the closest object to you and describe it in 300 words – without ever naming what it is.


“It was a very inconvenient time to run out of Kleenex.”

“He never would’ve thought that was why his plants kept dying.”

Write a story that includes a convertible car, a quill pen, and a doughnut.  No one may drive the convertible, write with the pen, or eat the doughnut.

Write about someone who falls for an internet scam – even though they don’t own a computer.

Choose the most loathsome person you can think of, and write about them sympathetically.

Open the nearest magazine, and write a back story for the first picture you see.

You’ve just received a party invitation from someone who you always thought hated you.

You see a friend for the first time in a year, and she has put on sixty pounds.

Write about your favorite sport or activity from the point of view of your eighty-year-old self.

List the ten best insults you can think of.


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