My Writing

I am currently slaving away on a young adult novel, I also have three short stories online.  They’re available on Amazon for $0.99 (and FREE for Amazon Prime members!) and are FREE for everyone on Smashwords!  (Yeah, I’d grab them on Smashwords too.)



In “The Watch” a young socialite is haunted by the image of a creepy man on her family’s estate.

Eye of the Storm is actually a compilation of three short stories. In “Cold” a meth addict participates in a disastrous robbery. A high school student makes an unwelcome discovery near his house in “Brother’s Keeper,” and in “Nassau” a family man must face the reemergence of his unstable former mistress.

In “The Blank Page” a high school student receives a strange message in her yearbook, which gives her an eerie warning about her own house.  She doesn’t know whether to believe the unrecognizable writing… or to go home and learn the truth for herself.

I also have two other websites:  This is a website for aspiring writers. We conduct podcast interviews with authors, screenplay writers, comic book writers, and publishing professionals. Stop by to listen to the pros, pick up some tips and get free signed advanced reader copies of the newest books!

Life With Sugar This is my long-neglected dessert blog, but it’s full of some pretty sweet photos (pun intended), recipes, and recommended places to find tasty snacks.