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I’m currently writing an historical novel, and since my first draft was just splattered onto the page as fast as the words came into my head, there’s now, of course, a lot of language-tweaking to be done.  I’ve decided to get rid of all contractions, as I feel they sound too modern.  But while this gives a much more old-timey sound to my writing, it is torture on the word-count.  You’re never really aware of how often you use contractions until you go to undo them; it’s like trying not to say “um,” and realizing that you say it after every third word.



I’m also replacing a lot of words with their more antiquated counterparts:

maybe = perhaps

very/really = quite

just = merely/simply

goes/comes back = returns

pregnant = with child

used to = accustomed to

want = wish (in some cases)

talk about = speak of

a lot = many/much

have to = must

think = believe (in some cases)

put up with = tolerate

keep on = continue

I actually enjoy doing this, because it’s like listening to my writing fade more fully into the past.  I know some people think that this type of writing sounds stilted and pompous, but I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as someone from the eighteenth century saying, “Hey, what’s up?”

What other modern-to-historical changes do you make in your writing?  Leave a comment below!


  1. Those are great! I always struggle with sex-based words because it’s easy to wind up sounding either like a physician, or sounding too modern and slangy. Or just too cheesy.

  2. I like using period specific words like “huzzah” and “slattern” to give it a more authentic feel too. This is a good list though. Contractions are a dead giveaway.

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