Repost – Create Cliffhangers

I’m re-posting this, simply because I’m finding myself in a very similar situation right now.

I’m sitting here this morning with some serious ADD.  I wouldn’t call it writer’s block, but more that I have things to tweet and emails to send, and interview questions to come up with for Scripts and Scribes.  Oh, and the farmer’s market is going on, but I really shouldn’t take all that time to walk down there, although I barely left my chair yesterday and it would be nice to get out in the fresh air and stretch my legs.

But then I’ll just end up buying overpriced hummus, and too many underpriced vegetables and baguettes that will go rotten and stale, respectively, before I can eat them all.  But, on the other hand, I could get my weekly dose of fruit, since (I’m ashamed to admit) the sun-warmed free samples at the farmer’s market are the only fruit I eat on a regular basis.

But then I wouldn’t be writing.

I’ve found the best way to combat the ADD (I don’t actually have ADD by the way – just an innate desire to multitask rather than to deal with things one at a time) is to leave off in your writing right at the beginning or in the middle of a juicy scene.  I know it’s tempting, when you’re on a roll, to plow through and write such scenes to completion – and if you’re smack in the middle of your allotted writing time, by all means keep going.  But if it’s getting late and you need to get off the computer, don’t bother working into the wee hours to finish the scene; leave your characters hanging, so the next time you sit down you can jump right back into it.  Then you won’t even be tempted to think about emails and baguettes, and your weekly attempt to ward off scurvy; you’ll only be concerned with what’s going to happen next in your story.

All right, now I’m going to go take my own advice.


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