Page Quota

I’ve figured the best way to get my manuscript beta-reader-ready (hey, that sounds like a commercial jingle) before I start back to work is to just fall back on the tried and true method of having a page quota per day for revisions.  With 116 pages remaining and nineteen days to finish, that means (where’s that calculator button on this keyboard?) six pages a day for the next three weeks.

Doable, certainly.  But there are going to be days where I’m tied up (doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, hair appointments, oil change appointments, getting those colored throw pillows for the nursery appointments, “crap we haven’t bought food in over two weeks” appointments.)  So of course there will be days when it’s harder to meet the quota.  And that’s assuming my little dude doesn’t decide to make an early appearance.

Balance, balance, balance….

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